About us

About Beta Gramma

First and foremost, we are a learning centre. Of course, students come here to learn, but it does not stop there. Where children are concerned, parents also must never give up on their initial enthusiasm to give their children the very best in life. And beyond that, as adults, we ourselves ought always to be learning - whether as student or teacher!

The central role we fulfill is as a language centre. Our mother tongue is English and, like all mothers, we nurture in our students the best language they can muster. Every child is different, yet most have a common goal to succeed and accept that English is an essential part of their journey. We provide some of the best alternatives available to set our students along that path to their success.

But above all, we are a lavish, loving community who are desperately passionate about what we do; to dig down as deep as we can to see what's there, ignite a flame, and stir up a passion that we hope will change the lives of our learners not just through their knowledge of the English language, but their love of learning!

Great Wall of China

Just 10 short years ago in China we witnessed the incredible scene of nearly 200 students in a classroom clamouring for a morsel of language, hungry to learn. We look back as often as we can - and boy, have we come a long way since then!

Key Dates

4 fabulous years in operation

  • Feb 2015:  First ever Checkpoint Charlie exam preparation programme
  • Dec 2014:  First internal holiday programmes - Peter Pan, & The Shipwreck on Zanzibar
  • Sept 2014:  First ever IGCSE English preparation programme
  • Feb 2014:  First ever reading recovery Phonics Booster! programme launched
  • Jan 2014:  First distance learning IELTS programme - Singapore
  • Jan 2014:  New Centre launched at The Club


  • First ever family BBQ and report giving
  • First ever concert & drama
  • 2nd Speech & Drama programme
  • First phonics-based programme
  • First ever Speech & Drama programme to external Kindergarten


  • First ever holiday programme to external Kindergarten - Go For It!
  • First ever group kids class - "Please, please please teach my daughter!"
  • First fly-by at the centre - if I hadn't been walking out at the same point we would have missed each other for sure!
  • JPilot office location opened at Kelana Jaya


  • First adult intensive English course
  • First Business English programme


  • Examiner status established
  • Officially inked!
  • First group IELTS class
  • First private IELTS student

From small beginnings we quickly reached a place where our capacity can exceed 300 students. In a space designed to provide for diverse learning activities lies a thriving ecosystem in which our members can learn, relax, and enjoy.

Learning Zones

4 key zones direct our learning activities.

Zeta Theata

Our pride and joy at front-of-house is a compact action-packed Speech & Drama zone where all the real fun takes place! Dramatic arts brings language learning to life as students engage with enriching texts and challenging creative tasks in ways that validate their study efforts and put English on the tip of their tongue! See our Boldness Programme.

Tech Zone

Technologically proficient learning is already upon the world, and will only increase in influence. So, with a desire to have the greatest impact possible in the limited time we have with our students, extending their learning through leveraging technology both increases their gains for learning English and aids them in their technoligical competence. Our Tech Zone gives learners access to the web-based learning tools we utilise to further enrich their language development.

Lambda Library

Reading is the answer you are looking for! If only every parent and child understood this, language, education and life would come a lot easier. Our growing library and very cozy setting in which to enjoy its contents brings out somethng in our children that surprises most people who look on. We believe reading holds a key!
To donate to our library please click here.

Learning Pods

Alpha Alcove | Delta Den | OmiCorner

Our learning (class)rooms cater for up to 8 students per session, and serve as the hub of the learning effort. Each room is configured to the needs of a different age group, making the environment more conducive to their learning needs.

We believe in a future where anyone who wants to can, and anyone who doesn't want to isn't really being honest with themselves. Few people want to really fail in life, and although finding success isn't always easy, in some ways it has never been easier.

Alternative Learning Models

Just 4 key concepts to think about.

Blended Learning

Da Vinci lived out what modern wisdom confirms about learning - it's most effective when driven by the learner. The educational challenge of today lies in turning history's discoveries into readily available, learned resources which serve as the springboard for tomorrow's new discoveries! Modern technology provides the "perfect" platform through which to deliver the wealth of knowledge the world has. But beyond that, learners learn in different ways, and a blended approach draws upon different models centred around leaners' needs, with the teacher as both role model (see below), facilitator, and guide.


Over many centuries educational methodology has moved from pillar to post of the educational spectrum in attempts to meet the learning needs of our children. But there is something to be learned from triangulating the three important "corners" of the educational space to measure a child's needs and progress. So what are these corners?

Parent | Teacher | Community

So a primary aim in times ahead is to provide extensive support in order to optimise the efforts from all sides to ensure maximum effectiveness in the education of our children.


With the world getting smaller every year, there is much to be learned across historic divides that ought by now to be mere memories. So, too, does quality educational practice come not from cultural polarisation and elitism, but rather from a sharing of minds that gleans the best and learns from the rest. We find the best teachers for the job, knowing that they bring more with them than just great English.


An old boss of mine used to challenge us: "Are you part of the problem, or part of the solution?" In education, every single person is either a leader, or a languisher. If you are not doing your part, someone somewhere is suffering, and likely you are blaming it on someone else.

  • Parents: your children are a direct reflection of or reaction to you. Be the best you can for them.
  • Teachers: who on earth is going to inspire learning more than you? Live it!
  • Kids: understand this - when all is said and done, you are the one who has to live with the rewards from your efforts; you are the one who can make the difference!
  • Educational community: do you realise the power of your voice? Do you realise how much you can accomplish? Do you think it's going to happen by accident?

Leadership of any kind is not easy... but it is essential, and anyone who is willing can make a start in a small way. It's not about talk. It's about doing. Be the one!